Tom and Jerry 3x12

Buddies Thicker Than Water

Buddies Thicker Than Water is a 1962 short film, originally released as part of the Tom and Jerry series on November 1. It was the 12th and penultimate cartoon in the series to be directed by Prague-based animator Gene Deitch in then-Communist Czechoslovakia and produced by William L. Snyder. The name is a pun on the phrase “Blood is thicker than water”. Although the Gene Deitch shorts were poorly received, this particular short is considered one of the more well-received, as it was chosen for a volume of the Bumper Collection VHS series. The episode focuses heavily on alcoholic refences this caused the viewers to find it inappropriate and it was banned from broadcasting in the UK and Australia.

Tom And Jerry: 3×12
Tom And Jerry: 3×12
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Tom and Jerry season 3

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