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White Lily

White Lily

11/02/2017 Japan 80 Phút
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Hideo Nakata
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Nikkatsu has rebooted the Roman Porno label and recommenced production of new works, reviving its function as a sandbox for playful experimentation with the aim of attaining new forms of cinematic expression. Hideo Nakata entered Nikkatsu as an assistant director and experienced several on-location shoots for Roman Porno soft-core series, but this film is the first Roman Porno title directed by Nakata himself. He challenges a lesbian world taking over from the old title spirits, with his respect for his master, director Masaru Konuma.

White Lily
Tựa Đề Gốc ホワイトリリー
Đánh giá IMDB 5.5 51 đánh giá
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