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Người Tình - Made In Heaven (2022)

Người tình

Made in Heaven

18/02/2022 Vietnam 107 Phút Drama,Romance
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Tóm Tắt Nội Dung phim Người Tình - Made In Heaven (2022)

A Love triangle story full of passion and lust. The love story begins with the appearance of the quartet Minh Tu, Ha Viet Dung, Duc Hai and Vo Thanh Tam. The lightning of love clashes when Minh Tu (Diem Tinh) serendipitously attends a painting exhibition. This fateful meeting opens up a complicated love story when Diem Tinh and Ha Viet Dung (Hung) become a couple. This is when Duc Hai (as Son) has to regret seeing the person he loves hand in hand with someone else. There will always be happy people and sad people, but it is a mysterious why some people are addicted to the pursuit, like the tagline in the movie “Love is like a drug” or Diem Tinh’s line “You and you, are like moths. We jump into the light and die.” The appearance of the handsome taxi boy Vo Thanh Tam is also one of the highlights of the film that takes the story to a new direction. Unanticipated tragedies happen when the characters in the film are ready to defy everything to get what they want and hide their secrets.

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Đánh giá IMDB 6.3 10 đánh giá
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