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Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

What’s eating you? 01/07/2001 Germany | USA 90 Phút R
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Victor Salva
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Diễn Viên đóng Jeepers Creepers

Gina Philips isPatricia 'Trish' Jenner
Patricia 'Trish' Jenner
Justin Long isDarius 'Darry' Jenner
Darius 'Darry' Jenner
Jonathan Breck isThe Creeper
The Creeper
Patricia Belcher isJezelle Gay Hartman
Jezelle Gay Hartman
Eileen Brennan isThe Cat Lady
The Cat Lady
Brandon Smith isSgt. David Tubbs
Sgt. David Tubbs
Peggy Sheffield isWaitress Beverly
Waitress Beverly
Jeffrey William Evans isRestaurant Manager
Restaurant Manager
Patrick Cherry isBinky Plutzker
Binky Plutzker
Jon Beshara isOfficer Robert Gideon
Officer Robert Gideon

Tóm Tắt Nội Dung phim Jeepers Creepers

A college-age brother and sister get more than they bargained for on their road trip home from spring break. When the bickering siblings witness a creepy truck driver tossing body bags into a sewer near an abandoned church, they investigate. Bad move! Opening a Pandora’s Box of unspeakable evil, the pair must flee for their lives — with a monstrous “shape” in hot pursuit.

Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
Jeepers Creepers
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Đánh giá IMDB 6.1 95,520 đánh giá
Đánh Giá TMDB 6.1 769 đánh giá
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